Sunday, August 3, 2014

Return to Providence

Wakening up in New York was amazing to day looking down and across from the 22nd with such a view of the bid Apple. We met Jenny in the lobby around 8:30 in the morning with are bags all packed up to return to providence. For breakfast we went to a breakfast restaurant where I ordered Chef Omelet with an ice coffee with a shot of espresso. While the server was serving he table he accidentally dropped water on Thoa’s back. He apologizes and Thoa went to go change.

Beulah gave us a wonder full tour of the Colombia University. She showed us the first year dormitories and the main library located across from the original. There are two dining halls located in the campus. She also mentions all the yellow call boxes around the campus where students can press if they feel in danger. Buela also mention the medical plan available on campus she went around showing us all the different buildings and there main like the math building and the engineering building. After the tour were over Beulah answered some questions. She gave me valuable information like the dorms are also covered by their financial plan. And did u know the acceptance rate is smaller that 7%.

After the tour we stopped by a locate in farmers store   bought some speakers for the trip back to road island. The train was about 15 minutes late and about three and half long for most of the time I slapped. When we arrived in providence we walked to the Providence hotel where we checked in and indirectly began getting ready for are dinner. are dinner  took place in the Capital Grille where the food was delicious and the cheese cake was even better. For dinner I set in the middle on Dean Almandrez and I had the chance to talk to the dean about my action plan with more  detail.   I also talked about how I am. Preparing for college and she informed me about financial aid.   

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