Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Exploring Dartmouth

Jenny is driving all NeMoW cohorts to visit Dartmouth University, located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It is 8:50 AM on a bright, sunny Monday morning, with white, billowy clouds, as we are driving down the highway. Earlier for breakfast, I had a pizza strip and orange juice, at Small Point Cafe. The car ride took about three hours from Providence, RI to Hanover, New Hampshire which is not long traveling to another state. Dean Chu, of Dartmouth College and students were already there. I was seated at a long table with Dean Chu at the head, who has been with the Ivy League Connection for five years, and four Dartmouth students. Dean Chu works with undergraduate students, is available for advice on classes, resources, and also develops a bond with her students. I had some interesting conversations with Sasha, who lived in the Bay Area specifically Fremont, California, which is close to Richmond. She is majoring in Biology at Dartmouth and is a 15', meaning she graduates from Dartmouth in the year 2015. Dartmouth does not go by the Freshmen to Senior system, but by the year a student graduates. I learned that Dartmouth is a small, rural campus and is very much involved in the Hanover community. There are plenty of opportunities and internships available, such as volunteering at the Children hospital, which Sasha does every week. During our conversations, I imagined myself as an engaging, and evolving student at Dartmouth College. I learned about 'The Dartmouth', which is the oldest college student run newspaper in the United States, also there are 350 and up student clubs and organizations. What is a pro about Dartmouth was the classes size is not large, students openly collaborate, and if asking for clearer instructions the professors will most likely be there to guide you.  

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