Friday, August 1, 2014

Hectic doesn't even begin to describe it...

Today is the day where we let go. We let go of our past, our mistakes, and conflicts. But, we will never let go of our memories, friendships, ideas, perspectives and the sense of knowing that you are a better human being that we all have created these past two weeks.

I am not going to make this a blog about how sad today was because I don't want to take away from the excitement that is also inside of me-- today is also the day where we leave to New York. Yes, I am very sad about the thought that I might not ever see these people ever again but, their wise words and  everything they taught me will never be erased from my memory. Their actions toward me spoke louder than words and I will forever hold a place for every single person in my heart. If they are reading this, I want to let them know that at least one person will always believe in them and think of them as confident, all women, leaders.

Of we went to return our loaner items like all of our fans and our key that gave us the access to the dorm but most importantly, was the room where my roommate and first new friendship sat. After returning everything, we took a taxi ride to the train station where we waited to board our train. I was so excited about the trip and ready to begin a new chapter of this experience, I began to feel hungry. Luckily, we have an amazingly generous district and chaperon who consented to buy us food at a cafe. Best club I have ever tasted, but then again, I always say that when I am really hungry.

Finally, we arrived at New York! It was so surreal that I was in a shock and I couldn't process all the sights, noises and smells that were so unfamiliar to what I was accustomed to. I feel so lucky to be here and have the opportunity to live in an environment where I might not be used to yet, but will learn to love during the next few days. I am so excited for everything we are going to do tomorrow and I am sure that I will be super tired at the end of the day just like today.
Crab Cake so delicious!
Steak anyone?
The hotel is super nice and very fancy. The first thing I did was jump on the bed which felt like a cloud because I was already used to the hard bed at Brown so, it was a very good upgrade. I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone who made this possible, thank you all very much!

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