Monday, August 4, 2014

Coming to an end but entering a new beginning...

One point cafe is a wonderful little place where they sell bagels, pastries, coffee and other breakfast things. What this diner had different that other diners didn't was how Eco-friendly they were. There were three trash bins of recycle, compost and regular trash. As a person who tries to be conscious about the environment,  appreciated how they ran their cafe. When they took the orders, it was written on a dry erase board instead of using notepad paper which is very considerate of them. Also, their utensils were made from recyclable wood instead of the usual plastic forks and spoons.

My art for YeonSoo's birthday that I drew for her
This reminded of what m action plan was based on--I was going to start an environmental club at my old school (because I am transferring to another school). At the end of every week, a group of environmentalists would pick up litter from the streets of our community or local parks and later expanding to places further away. I enjoyed eating my breakfast there and I felt very comfortable in that environment.

Dartmouth. Dartmouth. Dartmouth. It is a really good school in my opinion and I like it a lot. I like how the campus is set-up and the required classes seem reasonable. It reminds me a lot of Providence because the buildings are scattered in a very rural area where there is a main street where there are lots of little stores. I learn best in an environment where there are a lot of trees and I am able to feel a sense of relaxation. They have a really good engineering major and lots of others minors that I am interested in. The math and science department sounds very efficient in the way the student to staff ratio is.

I totally to write about our experience getting to and from Dartmouth. I think we took a longer time getting there because we took  a bathroom break and maybe because it was early in the morning, everything was slow. Jenny is a very brave chaperon because she drove a ten person car with ease. It was her first time too and I felt that she did a good job. Coming back from the tour, we tried possibly everything in order to stay awake. We would constantly change the radio stations to louder and faster music. We tried to move and jump around our seats but, that just made us tired which as a result, made us sleepy. We all had a chance to take a nap while poor Jenny had to drink coffee after coffee in order to stay awake.
After our Dartmouth tour
Today was also a very special day since the morning because it is YeonSoo's birthday. She turned 17 years young today and we tried to give her the best experience possible. I can guess that it might have been sad to not have spent it with her family but, we are her new family away from home and close to home. We ate Korean food in a place close-by to our hotel. She ordered all the food and everything was amazing. I loved every single plate and I love YeonSoo because she is really nice and considerate of others. We had a birthday cake for her which was a nice surprised as shown on her face.
Happy Birthday YeonSoo!!!!
The next few days are going to be super packed with all these activities and I will enjoy every minute I am on the East Coast because I really love it here.

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