Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We Can Do It!

This evening, Women and Leadership cohorts and I had a special opportunity for a wonderful dinner at Camille Restaurant with Brown University Undergraduates and Alumni. Guy Sanchez, a Brown Alumni Class of 91' is an Engineer of Rhode Island, who also invited other Brown University Alumni, Professor of Chemistry and Undergraduate students. I was lucky enough to be seated with Jose Polanco, a Medical Director at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care of Providence, and (FACP) which stands for Fellow of American College of Physicians. Also he specializes in internal disease, oversees many other doctors, and contributes to moving healthcare into the next step of modern technological developments. An example provided was that he gets email alerts when one of his patients is in the ER. There was intriguing conversations on his experience at Brown. He was a first generation college student living in Providence, RI, with his high school not far from Brown University, although when applying Senior year he knew little of Brown University since his high school had few resources, but he applied and was accepted. First college year was hard, a he took advantage of Brown's many resources for improving his writing essays, tutoring and studying. Learning from Jose, that there are people out there who want to help you achieve the best you can be in college is reassuring. It is great to ask for help when you need it, raise hands, ask questions, be loud and determined on class discussions or else it can be dangerous for your college career. Everyone has to take advantage of all of resources available, you have to search for it and in a way give back. He had to take out school loans, which instead of paying back in three years, he made a priority to pay it off in one year by working at night and early mornings shifts in the hospital. He says it is important to plan ahead, prioritize, and get it done as soon as possible. I asked, "How can I figure out for sure what my interests of study are in college?" Volunteering, internships, jobs, read, do as much as you can to get more experience in your interest subject. This is true advise I need to take in and volunteer, or mentor-ship during the academic school year coming up quickly. There was an emphasis that higher education will open more opportunities for you. We can succeed when we make connections and time management. The past two days, I learned to apply to Ivy Leagues, even if it may seem to expensive to pay for, I just have to make good decisions for the present and in the future. It can be taking out loans/scholarships. 

Jenny drove us in almost two hours to take a college tour and information session of Wellesley College, a women's liberal arts located in a rural area Massachusetts. Immediately, I noticed the campus was beautiful and will help foster a student's highest abilities. Our tour guide, Leigh will be a sophomore at Wellesley College. She decided to attend Wellesley because, she knew what she needed and felt Wellesley best offers it all. Leigh told us, a common misconception of Wellesley Womens College, is that many automatically think of women arguing or a convent, but it is not like that at all.
Weaver House Admissions Office
There is a stronger bond and the feeling that everyone is capable succeeding at Wellesley. What attracts me to Wellesley is that there is a top priority and focus on education in a natural, greener environment surrounded by trees and a lake.
First Year Dorms Double room

There are 2300 Undergraduates, with none graduates. The average class size is eight students to one professor. What is great  is Wellesley is connected to MIT closely by taking an almost hour shuttle. A student can earn a duel degree, by taking three years at Wellesley then two years at MIT. 45% of Juniors at Wellesley participate in studying abroad, which I would try to do in college. 65% of Wellesley have financial aid, and there are so many grants, loans, and work study available. Wellesley has a supports students 100% in financial aid, also there are student work and family contributions. I had a good vibe about Wellesley, I only wished we could see more, but it is summer break. 

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