Friday, August 1, 2014

Bye, Bye, Brown for Now

My day began waking up at 6 in the morning to finish packing and to get ready for the final day of are women and leadership was very hard to say goodbye to my roommate because she was the best roommate I could of asked for, she really made my experience here at the dorms unforgettable. I will miss her waking me up in the morning with a loving voice "izabel it time to get up". One of my favorite part of the day was talking about our day at night, it brought up all the good memories of the day. Saying bye to her was hard because I really enjoyed her up beat/bubbly personality. Around 8 in the morning Jenny showed up with a taxi cab were we loaded all our bags that we were not taking to New York. I only left my carry one and my fan in my room.

 Today was a very emotional day for me because I had to say good bye to very special leaders. The closing began with a ball of yarn being passed around the class. When the person in the class held the ball of yarn they had to speak about a moment in class that they will never forget. After every one had their turn we cut the string into individual part with the symbolism being that we will always be connected by the experience we shared this last two weeks.

After the class was over I had go the dorm and take the carry on that I was taking to New York. I made shore I didn't forget anything and searched the room before closing it for the last time. On are way to dropping of the fans form were we rented them we also dropped off are key in the same building ere we got them from. After dropping off the fans Jenny showed up to pick us up and take us to the train station. We had lunch in the train station and boarded the Acela Express were I took a nap and then woke up to hear Thao in the seat behind me having the conversation of her life with the women sitting next to her.

I was fortunate to have my own hotel room which I really appreciate as much as I loved my roommate I love having my own room just to relax. I am on the 22 floor of the Beacon Hotel with a nice view of the city. For dinner we went to a restaurant named Isabella, and can I say what a beautiful name it is. There were college students from Colombia University that join us for dinner. For my main course I ordered filet mignon. While talking to the students I understood the importance of SAT scores.

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