Monday, August 4, 2014

Do I Belong There?

This morning I was awaken by my two roommates Izabel and Magaly. Around 7:30 AM we headed to the lobby of Hotel Providence where we met up with NEMOW and Jenny. We headed to One Point Café to get some pastries and morning drinks before our three to four hour drive to Dartmouth University. On the way there most of us fell asleep while our chaperone Jenny drove wide awake. We took one stop for a bathroom/ stretching break. We arrived at The Pine restaurant around 12:04 PM just in time for our dinner with Dartmouth students.

The lunch was very casual and delicious, I had the honor to sit next to Karen Afre. She's majoring in sociology modifies with psychology and Hispanic studies. I felt like I really connected with her because she was Hispanic like me, she told me about her family's concerns about her going to a university. I could really relate to her about family advice she helped me think about how the farther I leave the more independence I gain. Karen mentioned that the biggest majors at Dartmouth was Economics, Government, and psychological and brain sciences. One of the most important things I liked about Dartmouth from what Karen said was that they have financial aid and their very helpful.

During the lunch all the students from Dartmouth mentioned that at the Green (grass part of campus) every year before homecoming the freshman have a bonfire and run around it the number of their class year, then they head out to the football homecoming game. There's also lots of activities on campus like going skiing and cannoning. After the lunch most of the students had to leave to class or work, which was okay because NEMOW had a guided tour to attend too. We walked over to the tour guide area, we immediately noticed that the campus was very clean and nice. Our tour guide Lianae, she's an upcoming sophomore. She was very open to us about the campus we learned that some of the libraries sometimes close at 2 AM and are 24 hours when finals are going , as well as cafe's. The buildings were really nice but I didn't seem to belong there because there was no people of color.
Dartmouth's nosiest building.

After our tour guide we had a small financial aid presentation, we learned that Dartmouth doesn't look at whether you can afford your tuition or not they look at you academically first. The total of the tuition is $46,764, housing is $8,286, food is $5,773, and books are $1,176. At the end it's a total of $65,523, which is highly expensive. Financial aid helps you with some money, but has you work over summer to gather up a certain amount plus your parents paying some money. I didn't get enough information but I have websites to look up any questions or concerns I have. After the the tour and financial aid presentation we were given half an hour to go to the bookstore then we headed as a group to get gelato, it was delicious.

Around 5:30 PM we began our ride back to Providence, once again some of us fell asleep because it's extremely boring in a car. When we arrived to Providence we headed to Terriyaki House, to celebrate YeonSoo's birthday. She wanted Korean food so the birthday girl got what she wanted. She chose the food for us and honestly everything was delicious. I don't quite remember the names of the plates but I had a full stomach at the end. Thanks to Jenny we had a cake for YeonSoo she was very surprised and I'm glad we helped her feel at home. Hope she enjoyed her birthday!
                                                          Happy Birthday YeonSoo!

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