Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I woke up today with such excitement because I knew I was going to visit an all girls college. I've always wondered how an all girls school worked and what the advantages are. When I arrived at Wellesley College I immediately noticed that the campus was small and had lots of trees. I felt like I was at home and I felt safe as well. Once I got off the van that NEMOW drove in along with Jenny we felt the highly hot humid air. I knew I wasn't going to like the weather that same instinct. We walked over to the Admissions office and had some water, then we began our private tour, with Dylan McGarvey. She will be graduating in 2016 and is majoring in history. She showed us around all the campus she showed us the science building, libraries, and we even go to see actual dorm room.
The Science Building.

The campus was obviously nothing like any of the other schools we've visited. To me it was the best I've seen and what made it better is that half of the students there are people of color which is great. After the tour we went to lunch with Dylan and she told us more about her experience at Wellesley she said it was pretty chill. After lunch we headed back to the Admissions office for our information session where we had two students who were rising seniors talk to us more about the school and financial aid. I learned that the school was founded in 1870, and the first graduating class was in 1875. One of the topics that really touched me during the informational session was the financial aid. I learned that Wellesley will pay everything as long as you qualify, which is wonderful for me. It was even better to hear that I am able to major in psychology . They also mentioned that they do, do study of broad and also are combined with MIT. They mentioned that MIT students come to Wellesley to take classes and vice versa . After the information session I became way more interested in the school I even brought brochures and other booklets that were available.
The beautiful calm campus near the river.

We began to head back to Providence a exactly 2:02 PM and like usual we fell asleep of how tired we were. We arrived at Providence around 3:20 PM then we had time to go to the mall as a group, we simply went to go walk around then went back around 4:30 PM to get ready for our last fancy dinner. NEMOW met up in the lobby at 5:30 PM then we began our ten minute walk to Camille's. We arrived around 5:45 PM and were seated immediately, then our guests began to arrive. The dinner was just like the rest, we had big meals served to fill up our stomachs. I had the honor to sit across from Jose Polanco, I believe he was class of 89', he is a medical director at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care. He explained to me that when he was younger and he applied to Brown he told them he had no money nor did his parents.It really impressed me that he ha to pay absolutely nothing, his education was free. He mentioned everything that the other people I've met from Brown have mentioned. He most definitely made me put Brown as my first on my college list because psychology at Brown is ranked on the top 22. I really fell in love with Brown and Wellesley, the schools are both good now I need to focus on applications, etc. I'm really grateful for this trip, it's literally over. I go back home tomorrow and I'm going back as a much different person, now I'm going to be more outspoken and open minded about things. Hopefully I attend an Ivy League School!
My last fancy meal in Providence.

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