Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going Home

Last day of blogging today, our amazing experience ends today. I can say that we are all sad that is trip had to come to an end. Our day started off pretty late this morning around 11 AM, which was a refreshing change. At this time we all met downstairs to go get lunch and snacks to last us until we landed in Chicago. After that we all headed to the zoo, where we spent 2 hours exploring and looking at different animals. A person is never too old for the zoo; the zoo is meant for everyone.  The zoo was our last hurrah in providence.  Then we headed to the airport, checked in two hours early which was super helpful because we had no worries about anything.  Landing back in San Francisco, it was a huge relief for me to home.

I would like to thank the ILC for the amazing experience that I have had during this trip. It gave me the time to learn and live on my own, giving me a taste of real life. Be able to go to a program at Brown was a great blessing; the course has altered me and motivated me to continue to make change. I would have not had that change in my life if it wasn't for the ILC. I will now be going to eat some home cooked good and going to sleep. Thank you to everybody who has supported me during this trip and the people who have given me the opportunity to be here. Special thanks to Don for helping us in every way possible to get prepared for this trip.

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