Sunday, August 3, 2014


Today was finally the day that I’ve been looking forward to: the campus tour of Columbia University!  As I mentioned in a previous post, Columbia is ranked among my top-choice school which is typical Sierra falling in love with a school whose acceptance rate is below 7%... 

John Howard Van Amringe
Everything about the campus was amazing!  When I send in my application this coming fall, I’ll most likely apply to Columbia College (an undergraduate college situated within the university)y.  Roughly 50% of the students that attend Columbia College are science majors, which is perfect because my plan is to pursue a STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, math) degree.  Exactly what I want to major in has yet to be decided, but most of the schools we’ve visited  don’t allow students to officially declare their major until second semester sophomore year anyways. So far all I have is a general direction, as of right now I’m leaning towards majoring in neuroscience.  I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the brain ever since taking a course in Physiology my sophomore year.  In that class, we dissected a brain (I think it once belonged to a sheep) and I thought it was incredible that everything that we say, think, or do is all determined by an organ that resembles a blob of pink-tofu…  Anyways, I can't wait to apply to this university (keep your fingers crossed for me)!

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