Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Yeonsoo!

Egg, Cheese, and Canadian Bacon Bagel.
Happy Seventeenth Birthday to Yeonsoo!!! This morning, we all went to a cafe to get some breakfast. It was a delicious place to eat and had a chalkboard wall. There were a lot of drawings on the wall, and I was tired to draw anything in the morning. After our breakfast, we headed to Dartmouth. Jenny said that the drive would be a good three hours, which is quite long. In the van, I spent the majority of my time sleeping. I sat in the last row with Yeonsoo and Maria. It was fun to be in the back, and take pictures of everyone's sleeping face. On the ride, I was able to catch up on my summer assignment and my Pokemon game. It was a relaxing car ride, but there were a few bumps here and there, which woke me up periodically.

Hanover Burger
Key Lime Canoli
Liz with Her Dessert
Arriving to Dartmouth was stunning and shocking. The town in which the collage laid was similar to Hercules, CA. I felt a sense of home, since it was such a small city, or town. I liked the atmosphere, however, when I arrived at the town, I was unable to see much of a diversity. It's probably due to the fact that many of the students went home for summer. All nine of us got out of the van to go to the restaurant. Pine restaurant was where we all were going to have lunch and meet Dean Chu and students from Dartmouth. I was able to have interesting conversations with four students and Dean Chu. I liked my chat with Jina because she was very opened. She told me different questions about what college that I was interested in attending. Questions like if I wanted to be in a big or small college, or would I like to have quarterly or semester school year. What she expressed at the end of this talk was that she is not going to "sell" Dartmouth. The explanation is how she does not want to advertise Dartmouth because we all have our own preferences. She wants us to come to love the school, or any other school by our own connection and choice. I was also able to talk to Elizabeth, who is a double major in English and Engineering. We were able to talk about her Engineering course, and I was able to ask her for some tips about teaching swim lessons. She is a lifeguard, and has been a swim instructor. When I heard about this, I was ecstatic because I Jr. Coach at the Hercules Swim Center, and I needed some help with improving the swimmers' technique. This lunch was fun, informative, and fulling. During our lunch, I sat next to another birthday girl, Sasha. She shared the same birthday as Yeonsoo and Obama, how cool. She is also a swimmer, to be specific, a sprint freestyler. It was nice to meet someone from the swim team, and from Division One. I was also able to learn that in swimming, Dartmouth's rival is Brown. I found that amusing to hear. 
Liane, Our Tour Guide

After lunch, all ten of us went to go on a tour. The tour was with Liane, and it can be considered a private tour because she was the only one who walked us through the beautiful campus. During the tour, there was construction around the art center. It was a bummer because I wanted to see the art center. The tour was informative, and the part that I liked the most was the informational session. I was able to snap some pictures of the financial part of the session.

On our way back, we were headed to Teryaki  House to eat dinner. It was a bumpier ride home than going to New Hampshire. I was sleeping on Maria and woke up instantly when we went across ten million bumps. My whole body literally defied gravity for a good millisecond. When we reached the Korean Restaurant, we ordered a lot of food. I was unable to take a picture of every dish we ate because we were gobbling it up. It was good, and at the end we had a cake. It was a raspberry cake, but I was unable to eat anymore because I was FULL. 
Cynthia Becoming A Chopstick Master

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEONSOO, and I hope I was the best present ever. Haha. I forgot to mention that Dartmouth don't call each class by "freshmen," "sophomore," etc., but they go by the year they graduate. For example, I am going to graduate high school in 2016, so I would be known as 16. It was interesting because the students never change their class name. Another cool thing about Dartmouth is how they have ice sculptures during winter, and incoming freshmen build a three-story bonfire during homecoming. The freshmen would run the number of laps they would graduate. For instance, I would run 16 laps or 160 laps. At the end of the exercise, everyone would go ahead and enjoy some food and apple cider. The other classes encourage the freshmen, and it's a huge event. Dartmouth was very interesting.

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