Friday, August 15, 2014

True Colors

Unleashing My True Colors!
How do I begin this? I would like to start from square one, where everything began... The moment when I came to El Cerrito High School, for the interview, was nerve wracking. To tell you the truth, I didn't believe that I had the chance to go to Brown University. It was a 1/8 chance for me to get picked, and I did, so thank goodness. After that moment, I woke up extra early to go to school, knowing that I have a summer that awaits me. You don't know how EXCITED I was, and I'm how grateful I was during the whole trip.  I had to keep reminding myself that the place I am at is reality, because it seemed so surreal. 

Providence Photoshoot
It has been an amazing journey, and I mean AMAZING. The awesome people, places, and experiences are all so irreplaceable that I wish I can go back in time to relive them. I wish I can go back to Brown for this program, the W&L course. It was a fun class full of activities, love, and discussion. I loved the activities and the documentaries the most, because I believe those were the moments in which I made the impacting memories. I hope that the Ivy League Connection can send even more empowering teens to Brown for this special program.

Reserving this Memory
This program has touched my heart, and has changed me. The texts and videos were mind blowing, and I believe the discussions were the icing on top. I really loved the people I met during my time at Brown. I am positive that I miss each and every one of them, to the point where I cried on the last day of school. Everyone has touched my heart, and changed my mind about society,women, and human nature. I wish we all went to the same school, but that's not possible, or is it? I don't know how to explain my trip there, because to me, it's a moment you have to experience yourself. I dream of a day when I can go back to Brown, and say hello to my second home.

To the Greatest Roommate, Yasmin
I need to thank everyone that is a part of the Ivy League Connection. I never thought about other schools outside of California, and now I have broaden my views on it. It's definitely true that I was able to think of a school from the East Coast, and that school in mind is Brown. I know that we had the opportunity to visit other amazing colleges and universities, but the memories at Brown, stay at Brown. There's so much history, in a two week time period, at my second home. I learned to live, learn, and love. To let out all emotions, and to begin again, renewed. This was definitely the highlight of my summer, and I dream to do it all over again. 

To those who will be reading this, the Ivy League Connection has changed my life. Now I know some people may take the word change lightly, but I mean it. I changed. I want to thank those who made this possible for me. Sponsors, panelists, and just anyone that helped me reach this stage of my life, thank you. I thank my supportive friends who helped me practice some questions. I thank my family who were ecstatic to see me go into this program. Thank you to those who were in the Ivy League Connection, because you worked really hard. Spending hours not sleeping, for us. And I like to thank you. Whoever you may be, reading this much is enough for me. You were able to find this one blog from out of nine people, and I'm grateful. I would like to thank the people I met during my time back East. I found amazing, inspiring people while I was there, and I fell so lucky. I feel lucky that I have been able to meet all of you while I was there. No matter how far away we may be, we may find each other in the future one day. 
                My name is Thao Le Hoang. I am a '16. And I am a woman, a phenomenal woman.                                                                                                                              Thank you. 

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