Thursday, August 7, 2014

Going Back Home

Wednesday day began waking up in providence for the last time. I will really am going to miss providence and Brown I will forever had the memories of summer at Brown 2014. NEMOW met Jenny in the lobby at 11 in the morning and then went to go get some food and lunch for are plane ride back home. After we return back to Hotel Providence we loaded up the van and taxi with are luggage right before I came downstairs one of the hose keepers came to my room in a hurry before I left to thank our group for the notes and tips we left for her and I thanked her for being messy and she said it was important to her to make us feel at home that why she would make a walk way. Once we finished loading the luggage.  Jenny decided to take us to the zoo. The Providence Zoo was the best zoo I have been to in my life. My favorite animal was the giraffes, I love seeing their beautiful colors and prints. Fun fact the reason why a giraffe’s tong is black is because they eaten so much that if there tongs were any lighter there tongs would get sun burn. I also had the opportunity to see the elephants being feed and I captured one really good picture of one of the elephants sticking out its tong. I really enjoyed our last activity in providence.

After the zoo we went straight to the airport. I was TSA pre that meant that I didn’t have to take my shoes off and it made going through security essay. Once we were seated next to the gate I had some time before e we bordered. Thao, Yeonsoo, and I decided to go souvenir shopping I bought a stuffed lobster for my mother that said Rhode Island of the left claw. I named the lobster Larry the mobster. Are first flight was from Providence to Chicago, I sat next to a man who worked in marketing in marketing who I asked questions about business because I was interested in majoring in business however he was not interested in talking to me. I slept most of the flight which was a good thing because usually I get motion sickness on airplanes. Once we arrive in the Chicago airport Jenny took us to go get some food I ordered a beacon cheese burger with coconut water. The burgers took longer than expected we were worried we would not make our fight on time however it all worked out, we made is just in time for are plain ride to San Francisco

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