Friday, August 1, 2014

Not Ready for Goodbyes

When I first arrived at Brown University with my Women and Leadership cohort, I thought to myself: "It's only two weeks, I can make it." Ten days prior to our departure to Providence, I was in Lourdes, France doing volunteer service for my church. I did loads of physical work in France that really drained my energy and my excitement to go to Brown. I literally just wanted to stay in my bed the whole day and just sleep, but I was only able to do that for only 5 hours since I had to wake up 3 AM the next day for my flight to Providence. I was physically and mentally tired upon arrival to Brown, but I was able to forget all of that after memorable events that I spent with people at the pre-college program. 

Today is Friday August 1, and unfortunately it is also the last day of the summer@brown pre-college course. This was the day in which I was not looking forward to. I kind of wished that time went by slower because I thought that these two weeks went by awfully fast. That's just my opinion, because these were the best two weeks of my life. I just loved everything about this program; all the students, the RA's, the weather, the diversity, the food (sometimes), and even the dorms (only the people in it). In this program, not only did I feel welcomed, but I also felt loved and formed a series of friendships and a sense of family within my class. 

My awesome roommate Ofir and I
This morning felt much different than the usual days. Usually I would wake up in a positive way, but this time I was kind of sad. I knew that this was my last day seeing everyone and I really didn't want to think about it so much. I woke up to everyone packing and cleaning their room out and I did the same thing since we had to meet Jenny with our check in luggages down the main entrance at 8 AM. Morning classes were still the normal 9 AM time and most of our group went on ahead to class. Thao and I decided to wait; to say goodbye to any other of our dorm buddies and of course, our roommates. My roommate Ofir, was the best roommate that I ever had. She's one of the sweetest and kindest person that I could possibly ever meet and on top of that her British accent was simply adorable! I wasn't ready to say goodbye to her and I wish that I could have spent more time with her during these two weeks. 

Class was really emotional for me today. Isabella started us off with a small activity that involved a knot of yarn. We passed the yarn around and the person with the yarn would say anything about the class. But there was something special about that yarn, once the yarn went around the whole room, we formed a circle with the yarn string that connected all of us in class. Isabella then told us to cut a part of the yarn and to keep it as a reminder of the Women and Leadership class. Next Dean Almandrez told us to close our eyes and asked us to remember how we got here and our first steps at Brown. Tears poured down my eyes at this point because I was reminded of all the fun times I had with everyone that I met and that this was the last day that I may ever see them again. The final part of the class was the slideshow, created by the cohort's amazing best friend Stephanie! I really appreciate Stephanie's efforts and we owe her so much during these two weeks. She's one of those people that the cohort will NEVER forget (Love ya Steph!). I was never so good with goodbyes, and it sucks because this was one of the biggest goodbyes that I ever had to do. I hugged everyone in class and I hoped that I will see each of them in the near future. These women in my class were simply the most unique and dedicated women that I have ever met, and I couldn't find a better group to spend my two weeks with at Brown. 

We left the campus at around 12:15 and made our way to the train station. The train ride to New York was pretty fast, about 3 hours long. Once we got to New York, we took a taxi to our hotel, checked in and then made our way to Isabella's Restaurant for dinner with students from Columbia University. It was a fun dinner and I'm happy that I got to talk and meet Heather and Bill who sat with Thao, Izabel, and I for the whole dinner. Besides the food being extremely delicious, the conversations were also great and was a very productive night. 

Today was a pretty emotional day for me since I will miss everyone so much and I don't know if I will ever see them again. But our friend Stephanie reassured us and said "If we were meant to be friends, then we'll see each other again." I'll be waiting for that day. 

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