Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last Amazing Dinner

The last college tour before our trip ends is at Wellesley College, located near Boston, MA. It was only a one hour drive from Providence, so it was pretty quick. When all ten of us arrived at Wellesley, MA, we went in the Admission Office for our tour. Like yesterday, we were able to get a private tour with Dylan McGarvey. She will graduate in '16, and is a History major. Wellesley has a beautiful campus, and unlike the other tours, we were able to adventure inside the dormitory and libraries. I really liked the trees, lakes, and flowers that surrounded the campus. It was beautiful, and I'm glad that the campus stairs were not as steeps as the other schools. I felt less tired than usual when I went up the stairs at Wellesley. Wellesley was founded in 1870. and now has 2300 undergraduates. Dylan was very informational and now I have a different perspective about an all women's college.

After the tour, the cohort and Dylan went to Blue Ginger for some lunch. The lunch was delicious, but I was afraid that I would eat too much and be unable to eat dinner, Luckily the restaurant gave me a to-go box, so now I have my curry. I liked the lunch today because it was casual, so I felt as if I didn't need to put on such a different atmosphere. After the lunch, we went back to Wellesley College for the informational session. 

The informational session was bigger than our tour. There were students and parents from all parts of the U.S.A. None of them were international students. Leigh, pronounced as Lee, was the facilitator. She did a great job answering questions and she also gave the pros of coming to Wellesley. She told us that even though there will only be female students attending the college, there will still be social interaction with men. There will be a ton of events in which students from different campuses can socialize. I didn't know that Wellesley has a relationship with MIT. It's possible to take three years at Wellesley, and transfer over to MIT. However, the tuition will be different for both schools.

After our visit to Wellesley, we all went back to Providence. We had a few hours to do whatever we wanted, so Maria, Cynthia, Magaly, Yeonsoo, Izabel, and I went to the mall. I know that we had a good amount of time to shop, but we still needed to get some quick things. I am happy that we went to the mall, because we were able to meet Isabella. It was such a surprise because she ran up to us, and we all hugged. I was so full of emotions that it's hard to explain it. It was coincidental that we were able to see each other at the mall. We were chatting for a little while until she had to go back to pick up her friend. I'm so happy right now....I will miss her, my sister. 

At 6:30 PM, NEMOW went to our last dinner at Camille's. It was with the Brown administrators, which I was excited about. I'm really interested in Brown, so I wanted to know more about the admission process and such. I was sitting next to Manuel, from IVG, and Luis, an administration officer. I was able to talk to these two and many more around my part of the table. I mainly talked Lydia about her experience abroad, and I was able to talk to Jason, a chemistry professor. This dinner has probably been my favorite because I was able to finish each plate, still feeling good, not full. It was the right amount for dinner, and I appreciate the smaller portions. I can't wait to email these amazing people about applying to Brown, and I hope I will get into an Ivy League school, or any university in California. 

Classico Salad 
Grilled Salmon

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