Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lost phone in NY

Starting with the positive things, I was ready to take on the day and walk for like twelve hours. I basically left at around 9 or 10 AM and came back at around 11 PM. We were not ready for the rain though. I was awaiting a glorious and sunny day filled with fresh air which was the complete opposite of what happened. Later on that day, it did get better and it was just right but, it was kind of hard to breathe at times. Maybe it was because of all the smoke or emissions from the subway, airplanes, and cars, The subway is... different. Why is it so hot in the subway and why is there so many people?  This is very weird to me , a girl from Cali, having to fight for a seat and even get onto the subway before they close the doors. Everything is so fast here and I obviously cannot keep up.

Our NY University tour was at around 10:30 AM and all I have to say is that I don't think that is the school for me. Everyone is always so rushed and there is a lot of rude people. They confuse my smiles for frowns and I feel because they are so fast paced, they do not appreciate the beauty of their city. It is a beautiful city and state but, everything is in buildings and look crunched up together if that makes sense. They probably do not have a forest here and I like to see lots of greenery because I can learn better in those types of environments. The school, overall, didn't really appeal to me and I don't think i would consider enrolling in this school.

New York has a lot of similarities with San Francisco but, NY is to the extreme. And I thought that at SF, people violated the driving laws but here, they practically drive however they want as long as no one gets ran over. On the streets, cabs drive at the speed as if you were on a highway in California, I have to be on a constant alert. I don't really like how I have to watch where I can walk even though crossing signs say that I can walk SAFELY across the street.

The 9/11 memorial tour was eye opening and I have never felt so compassionate and appreciative in my life. That tour hit a nerve in my heart and formed a cluster of feelings like gratitude, respect, sadness, helplessness, and happiness because that attack only made us stronger as a country. Yes, I don't agree with the governments decisions to declare war two days after the terrorist attack but, how we recovered was amazing even though we were at a very vulnerable state. I didn't know anything about 9/11 except that it was a terrorist attack but, after today, I was so happy I had a chance to learn so much about it. I feel privileged to have seen so many artifacts and witness statements.

This is a tough city and  I give props to the people who live here and have accustomed to this fast lifestyle. Somebody had to do it, so thank you. Leading up to the part where I lose my phone, we went on a lovely cruise. I saw the architectural part of NY and it was beautiful. All the buildings and the lights at night were luminous and it felt like I was in another world. It was a very pretty sight and I loved every minute on that tour cruise.

I am not trying to hate on NY because it has its very good sides and also has some bad sides in my opinion. At least for living here or attending a school here, I would rather not but that is just me. I want to be thankful for this experience though for  helping me find myself and what I want to do when I am older. This is a journey and a process that I yet still have to complete by Wednesday. This experience helped me with my decisions and I don't regret everything that happened.

Well coming back to the cruise, I have a feeling I lost my phone there. I know it is my fault and my excuse cannot be that I am not used to having my bags with me but, that is what happened. That was the last time I took my phone out and I have tried calling it many times but it only rings and no one answers. I have to own up and tell my parents that I am irresponsible and that I will be the one who suffers the consequences. I hope when I come back, they will be more happy than mad and disappointed because I lost my phone, They should be more happy to see me because I haven't seen my family in three weeks. I miss my family and at this point, I would like it if they got mad at me for losing my phone because I have been missing their lectures and them constantly being on my back.

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