Sunday, July 20, 2014

New everything

I couldn't wait for this day to finally arrive—anxiously waiting for six months I woke up at 2 AM and made my way through the door with my luggage. My parents were half awake but awake enough to drive me to El Cerrito High School where my fellow NEMOW’s (Thanks, Thao, for that awesome group name! Get it? Its “women” spelled backwards.) were all gathered up.

During the car ride, my parents were telling me how proud they were of me and how they loved me so much. I was going to start tearing up when I saw my parents long faces but I knew that I had to make this journey for my future. I didn't want my upset face to be the last thing they remembered about me because this trip is what I wanted to do. I prepared my luggage and reunited with all of my fellow NEMOW’s. They seemed to be as exhausted as I was but just as excited for what was coming our way.

Don went over a couple of things and tips he had on his “brief” list (But if you know anything about Don, nothing ever is brief) before our limo arrived. Jenny and Don provided us with some snacks and Colombian candy (how exotic!). The time had come where we had to say our good-bye’s to our loved ones all while trying to hold a straight face. 

We arrived at the airport and checked in our luggage. Lucky for us, we have a wonderful chaperon who led us where we needed to go quickly and efficiently. We bought some food and drinks to hold us off until our arrival in Providence and off I went, successfully boarding my first airplane ride.

Well let me tell you, the take-off and landing was my least favorite part because it very much felt like I was on a roller coaster. But, it wasn't that bad now that I look back to it because it only made me a stronger human being. The second transfer plane ride went much smoother and was of a shorter time length which was good news for me because I was ready to set foot on solid ground once again.

Same routine applied when we arrived in Providence, we claimed our baggage and took a shuttle to Brown University.

Upon arrival we were each assigned a building and a dorm room where we would be living in for the next few weeks. I was assigned a room in Perkins Hall in Rm. 228 which is located on the second floor. When I unlocked the door, my roommate had already settled in courteously left a very nice message on the whiteboard outside our door. It read "Can't wait to meet you! -Serena" And to my surprise, she walked in the door a few minutes after I began unpacking. Serena is from Maryland and her parents drove seven hours just to get here. She seems very nice and open to new ideas but now it's time for bedtime but the rest of our conversation will have to wait till tomorrow. It's past our bedtime! Goodnight!

Friendship is horizon – Which expands whenever we approach it.
E.R. Harlip

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  1. What a thrill to read your blog. You make it all sound so exciting and interesting.