Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Very Tiring Day

Waking up early is highly intense and tiring. Today, July 20th, I met up with  my Brown cohort for our departure to Providence, Rhode Island. It was very hard saying goodbye to my family, I honestly don't like being away from home. At approximately 4:30 AM, The Brown Cohort II set off on our shuttle to the San Francisco Airport. Since we had a minor problem with the shuttle Jenny, my chaperone, had to ride with Don to the airport along with the luggage that did not fit in our shuttle. During the ride it was very quiet, everyone was so sleepy, when we arrived at the airport, we immediately checked in our bags then went to security. I got lucky and went through the PRE-TSA security, I simply got searched very quickly and advanced to the dining/waiting area. There I waited for the rest of the cohort. After that we all got to choose from sandwiches, salads, and other sorts of foods. We also got to get a hot chocolate or other beverage of our choice. Finally we boarded our plane. For a first timer, it wasn't bad at all, I had the chance to get some sleep and talk to Sierra about how excited we were.
 Here's a picture of my Brown Cohort before our departure to the San Francisco Airport.
Our first plane took us from San Francisco to Chicago. When we arrived in Chicago we immediately switched planes to go to Providence for our final stop. It was a pretty boring ride, the people around me had no contact. When we arrived in Providence, we went to locate our luggage. We found our luggage easily, then we went out to find our shuttle. Our shuttle was big and comfy for us.
The shuttle took us to Brown University, the driver dropped us off at what we thought was our dorms. In reality it was just the building in which we received our keys for our rooms. The shuttle had already left and we had a five to ten minute walk to our dorms. We had to carry our luggage!  As the blocks passed by I got more and more tired.

I forgot to mention I met a girl named Luisa, she's from Brazil, I don't know much about her but she isn't taking the same Women & Leadership class as I am. After ten minutes of walking we arrived to ours dorms, Perkins Hall, 3rd floor is where I'm at. I was supposed to have a roommate, but she never arrived so I'm completely alone. After I left my luggage in my dorm, my cohort and I went to our dining room, I didn't quite get the name of the dining area but I got the chance to eat a good meal: chicken, rice, beans, and a quesadilla. After having dinner with my cohort we went to the ice cream social for all pre-college students, there was a long line so I didn't get any. I didn't get to social a lot because we didn't have a lot of time plus we needed to go get fans for my cohort.
A peek of how tired we were while walking to our dorms with luggage.
When I received my fan I walked with my cohort to my dorm then Jenny and I walked to CVS, which was about ten minutes away from my dorm. We simply went to pick up stuff my cohort needed. Around 9:35 PM I arrived at my dorm and finally unpacked and took a fresh shower. Its been a very long day and without the help of my chaperone Jenny my cohort and I would of been lost! I'm still homesick but I'm hoping for my roommate to arrive. I'll hate to have a room by myself. Can't wait to start my classes tomorrow morning !
My room is finally all done now time to sleep.

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  1. Why does your Providence shuttle look so big and roomy and your SFO shuttle look so small and undersized? Something's not right here.

    It sounds as if even though there were hurdles you had to overcome, you all managed well enough.

    I'm so sorry you all had to walk to so many places hauling so much luggage. What a bummer. We'll have to learn from this and find out where to go to drop things off and where to go to check in. This won't do your group any good but maybe the next group won't have to make the same mistakes.

    When I look at the photo of your room it all looks so familiar: my sheets, my toiletry kit, my laptop, my luggage, my surge protector, my fan. and here I thought I had gotten rid of this stuff. I'm looking forward to reading about your first day in class.

    This is exciting.