Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Long Journey

My day started waking up at two in the morning on July 20th. The Brown-II cohort started our journey from El Cerrito High School at 3 in the morning. When I arrived Don was there with Jenny waiting to weigh my bags and hand me my baggage tags. Don also had snacks for the long trip, we first flew from San Francisco to Chicago and made a transfer to Rhode Island.   
Don with a stable full of snack table 
When we landed in Chicago we had to hurry and get to our next flight. There was a limited amount of options however Thao, Cynthia and I found seating in the last row of the plane.

When we arrived in Providence there was a shuttle waiting for us to take us to Brown. After checking in we had to walk 5 blocks to our dorm room with all of our luggage.  Once we got to the building we discovered there was no elevator. Therefore I had to carry all my bags up 3 stories of stairs.
It was a long 5 blocks 
Now I can't wait to start classes tomorrow. After a long day of traveling am ready for a good night's rest.

The aftermath, a broken wheel

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  1. Sorry to see that wheel.

    When they first started putting wheels on luggage I had a rolling upright duffle with five wheels on the bottom. when the luggage conveyor started up with out luggage even before my bag popped up two set of wheel parts were on the conveyor. With the remaining three wheels on my bag it was impossible to roll it and impossible to remove the hardware sticking out of the bottom--and I still had 21,000 miles of travel with that bag before I got home.