Sunday, July 20, 2014

Touching Down in Rhode Island

Oh my God, this was an amazing day today. This morning I woke up around 2 AM to get ready and go to El Cerrito High School for our shuttle to SFO Airport. After a check-in with Don, which consisted of a bag check, material check and a motivation speech we were ready to go. I do not know exactly what time we had arrived at the airport but we were done checking in our bags around five, we had an hour and a half until boarding.

We went to security check point and during this check point we had to split up and what I mean is Cynthia, Magaly, YeenSoo and I were sent to TSA Pre, here all they made us do was put our phones into our bags, TSA scanned our bags and we just walked through. We didn’t have to take off our shoes or show our liquids, nothing it was the simplest security check point I have heard of. 

After the security check point we went to go get food, here I got some Peet’s Coffee and while getting my coffee the nicest cashier gave me free coffee! I had double the coffee, I am a huge coffee fan and was super happy and excited getting extra coffee.

Then it was time to board our plane, I sat next to a nice lady who was telling me about flying and where she was from, we didn’t get to talk much, as I also sat next to Magaly who decided to have a little panic episode as we were taking off but I cannot complain as I was holding her hand for dear life while we were taking off.

While we were talking off, we were all nervous and excited but when the plane finally took off and we were in the air it was amazing!  I had gotten a nice window seat, that I had to fight for (I just asked a lady and she was super sweet about it and let me sit there). The view was awesome, spectacular, and wonderful, the view was not justified at all throughout the pictures we were taking. The clouds looked beautiful, and the fact we were flying above or through them was the most amazing feeling in the world.  I did get slightly light headed but I think that was due to tiredness and the fact that I have never flown before. We had four hours until we get to Chicago, so I took a little nap and then further enjoyed the view.
The amazing view that can't be justified in this picture!
The standard window/ wing view of plane!
Our next flight took us all the way to Providence; this flight was easier for me as I already flew prior, so I was not freaking out as much. This flight was also much shorter which helped make things easier for us. After this flight descended we headed straight to check in at Brown, a really nice bus brought us and then after checking in we had to walk to our dorm. Dropping off our items we then went and got dinner, afterward had a meet and greet ice cream social. At this social we met several new people, our roommates and are getting to know them better. I can’t wait for my next adventure tomorrow.

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  1. Let me get this straight: You asked a lady of you could take her coveted window seat and then you proceeded to sleep during the flight--thus wasting the view? Ahhh--but what a view.