Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Adventure Continues!

Quick snap of myself during crowd
control in Lourdes.
We could all say that I've been having one heck of a summer. I recently arrived from my summer pilgrimage in Lourdes, France about 7 hours ago. Now I am on my way to the airport again, but this time to Providence, Rhode Island. Back to back flights to two different places in consecutive days? Now that's something you don't hear too often. 

My adventures in France have unfortunately ended, but this paved a way for a new beginning. Tomorrow morning I will be departing along with 8 wonderful ladies that form the Women and Leadership cohort of 2014. This will be my first time going to the East Coast, and, just like my trip to France, I am very excited. Traveling is one of my favorite activities and I love discovering and exploring new places. 

A couple months ago I would have never expected myself to go to Brown University. Now all of my hard work and determination has paid off and this is actually going to become a reality. I will take great advantage of this opportunity given to me and I will make everyone back at home and at school very proud!

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  1. Talk about a packed summer! The stories you'll be able to tell when you get back to school in another month.